Here's Why You Should Visit Alaska

Here's why you should visit Alaska:

I'm only partially kidding. The photos above were all taken with my iPhone, but regardless of the unprofessional camera, some of them look like screensavers. Alaska's beautiful landscapes will leave you breathless, but that's not the state's only draw.

Here are other reasons why you should plan a trip to the last frontier:

1. Postcards Around Every Corner

Alaska is beautiful. With one of the largest relatively untouched wilderness expanses in the world, postcard-worthy photo opportunities pop up wherever you're standing. It's hard not to take a good photo in Alaska, so make sure you have plenty of camera storage before you visit. Although expensive, taking a flight over a glacier is a must-do.

2. There's Plenty to Do

It's common to come across tourists who spend weeks or months in Alaska, as there's so much to do. From fly fishing to glacier tours to SCUBA diving, there's no shortage of activities ― you'll probably end up trying to cram your schedule rather than search for recreation.

3. You Don't Need Money to Have Fun

Alaska is expensive. Day trips can cost thousands of dollars, and Alaska's remote location means basic goods like milk, toilet paper, and even bottled water can be double or even triple the prices you're used to paying. Despite the uptick in cost of living, you can still explore the state on a budget. National Parks are plentiful, and you can hike, view wildlife, and picnic almost for free (you can even walk right up to a glacier in some parks).

Many other popular attractions are lower cost as well and driving along the Alaskan highway (there's only one) is a day of fun in and of itself. Unfortunately, the caveat is that transportation costs are high, and you'll need a car to navigate.


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